Android OS

The perfect life companion for your life

Android’s always by your side

Google’s smartphone platform is the last word in customisability, making sure that the handset you own is yours, through and through.

Android Operating System Key Features

  • Adaptable homescreens
  • Thousands of apps from Google Play
  • Full integration in the Google world
  • A personalised, customisable experience
  • Seamless, easy-to-use design

It all starts here

With the power of Google’s software suite tied right into your device you’ll have the digital world at your fingertips. Create your very own account and Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Play will be laid out in front of you, giving you the power to take control of your online life.

Staying constantly connected, you’ll find yourself mixing work and pleasure and having everything with you all of the time. Android gives you the most direct route through the maze of modern life, a guiding hand when you need to stay on top.

just the beginning

Endless possibilities

A world of possibility

Android’s app ecosystem offers you possibilities that you can only dream of, turning your smartphone to tasks that you had never imagined it could do. From powerful productivity apps to the latest mobile games, you’ll have everything laid out for you.

With such a huge range of devices running Google’s platform you can be sure that you’ll find one that’s right for you. Be it a phablet, a tablet or a compact but powerful smartphone, there’s an Android device out there that does exactly what you need.

Your life, the way you want it to look

Android is the most customisable of all the smartphone platforms, letting you create a user experience that is tailored to your own needs. Fill your homescreens with apps and widgets that bring it to life and deliver updates and information all of the time.

You can spend hours adapting the user interface so it’s just the way you want it, adding wallpapers and changing themes ‘till you get it just right. Then when the mood takes you, just dive right in and swap it all around again.

your phone, your way

Best Android Apps

Facebook Android App


Engage with friends and colleagues with the world’s most popular social media app. Share news, photos and updates while enjoying unlimited games and instant messaging.

Fifa 14 Anddroid App

Fifa 14

If you live, work and breath football, you shouldn’t have to get home to kick-off. EA Sports’ legendary game is now available for free on Android, delivering an authentic experience and spectacular level of detail.

Netflix Anddroid App


Catch up on your favourite TV and film with the world’s leading subscription service. With a huge and diverse catalogue of entertainment, you’ll never miss a show again.

Skype Anddroid App


Contact friends and family around the world for free with instant video or voice calls. Stay connected right from the palm of your hand.

Android OS Versions

Android KitKat


Android 4.4

Released October 2013, KitKat is a major overhaul of the Android software that aims to bring it to more people than ever before. Designed to work on even budget smartphones.

Android Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

Android 4.3

Released in July 2012, Jelly Bean heralded a raft of dramatic improvements to the Android user experience, including a redesigned and streamlined interface and camera app enhancements.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.2

First released in October 2011 , Ice Cream Sandwich is the most recent version of the Android OS and can be used on both smartphones and tablets, offering the same functionality across both types of devices.