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Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u said: “We’re expecting some very happy customers after today’s Apple announcement that a more affordable version of the new iPhone, the iPhone 5c, will be available alongside the iPhone 5s. Our research has shown that there is a strong appetite for both options – with 27 per cent of people indicating an interest in getting their hands on a lower cost iPhone and 33 per cent more inclined to buy a premium version. Overall, demand for the latest iPhone is at an all-time high with a 76 per cent increase in the number of customers interested in purchasing the new device, since the launch of the iPhone 5 last year. It’s great that with the launch of the new iPhone 5c, Apple have made the iPhone even more accessible to people wanting to own this iconic smartphone, without sacrificing on the technology that has made it the much admired smartphone that it is.”

“Our research has also shown that the two main drivers for customers considering purchasing the new iPhone are the highly-anticipated new operating system (59 per cent) and a brand new design (38 per cent) so the fact that both of these have been confirmed today, is sure to excite those who have been waiting eagerly for the newest addition to the iPhone range. The fact that Apple have now launched the well-loved iPhone in a range of colours will also be a key talking point, as even in the hearsay leading up to the announcement, 39% of our customers were speculating what colour options may be made available.” Scott Hooton, Phones 4u Chief Commercial Officer

“We’re hugely excited to welcome the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in our stores and online, joining our extensive next-generation range of smartphones. This latest Samsung handset boasts an impressive specification that will no doubt continue the legacy firmly established by the Galaxy smartphone range, that our customers enjoy and love.” Scott Hooton, Phones 4u Chief Commercial Officer

“Following on from the success of our previous ‘Upgrades 4u and u and u’ campaign, which generated a 50% increase in people listing Phones 4u in their top destinations for an upgrade, we’ve designed #projectupgrade to convey the same message in a fresh and involving style. Key to the success of this campaign will be our social media engagement, which is why we’re backing  the activity with a £1 million investment, enabling us to interact with more people than ever before by providing genuine, real-life upgrades to people’s lives across the country.”  Caspar Nelson, Phones 4u Head of Brand Communications

“The HTC One mini will be joining the wide range of HTC smartphones available at Phones 4u stores and online, and will be strengthening our already extensive variety of 4G devices. The HTC One mini is an opportunity for HTC to bring their smartphones to a different set of customers – it’s the smartphone made for those that want the best bits of the HTC One, but in a smaller more compact package.  We’re sure that this mini version of the supercharged HTC One, which has won critical acclaim for its incredible performance and design, will be a hit at Phones 4u.”  Scott Hooton, Phones 4u Chief Commercial Officer

“We’re embracing the change that 4G brings to the mobile experience, and the only way to truly demonstrate the benefits it offers is to bring that experience to the shop floor.  This summer we’ll be introducing interactive bays to our retail environment that will showcase the latest live 4G smartphones and demonstrate explicitly the differences between 3G and 4G. Our aim is to have these bays present in all stores that are in 4G areas across the UK, and our people will receive full training on how to incorporate the live ‘3G vs. 4G’ demonstration into our unique customer consultation process.

“This addition to the in-store experience at Phones 4u will help to show our customers the tangible benefits of 4G, allowing them to make more informed buying decisions and giving them confidence in their purchase, rather than them having to rely solely on what the mobile industry is ‘telling’ them.  At Phones 4u, we’ll ‘show’ them.”
Tom Shorten, Phones 4u Customer and Strategy Director 

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