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What is a Phablet?

A Phablet is essentially a mobile phone and tablet hybrid, usually determined by the size of the display, which measure between 5-inches and 7-inches. The increased size of the Phablet creates more options while still encompassing all of the functionality and characteristics of a smartphone - think of it as a two-in-one device.

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Reasons to buy a Phablet

Screen Size

phablet screen size


phablet gaming


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Bringing the big screen to your pocket means enjoying entertainment on a whole new scale. Gaming, watching films or even delivering a presentation is so much easier thanks to the larger size. Bigger is better, and with larger handsets comes larger components, making the mobile experience even better.


Benefits of using a phablet

Keeping all of your data on one device and being able to enjoy your favourite media without swapping handsets is now a reality thanks to the Phablet. Multiple devices are a thing of the past as the phablet has everything you need fully integrated in on piece of innovative technology.

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