Enjoy big screen movies and the best apps on the way to work, in a meeting, at the park or on the road.

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Why buy a tablet?

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With you wherever you go

Like having a laptop in a much more convenient package, a tablet gives you the same excellent touchscreen experience that you get with your smartphone but on a much larger scale.

With a big screen in a slim casing, you’ll get power and performance in a device that is no effort to carry around, with all the apps and software that you’ve come to rely on.

Fun for all

Tablets can be shared between the whole family, so everyone can get involved. Parents and children alike can download their favourite apps and even share a communal calendar, so no one misses out.

As a bonus, using the same tablet makes it easy for adults to monitor their childrens’ online activity, making sure they stay safe when they’re browsing the web.

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Work or play

Tablets are great for keeping on top of your working life when you’re not in the office, making sure you’re always connected and ready to get involved.

But sometimes you need to switch off, and a tablet makes sure you can relax as well. With thousands of games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, you’ll be able to take your mind off the rat race in no time at all.