Phones 4u Wi-Fi

What is Phones 4u Wi-Fi?

Our Phones 4u Wi-Fi is a free service for our customers, which keeps you connected to fast data speeds when you’re on the go. Powered by The Cloud, Phones 4u Wi-Fi can be accessed from more than 21,000 locations around the UK, including several big name cafes, shops and restaurants.

How do I get free Wi-Fi?

When you buy either a contract or pay as you go handset from Phones 4u, you can sign up to our free Wi-Fi service.

How do I access it?

Location, location


We believe great Wi-Fi service is all about location, and that’s why you’ll be able to find a hotspot in lots of top high street stores. Featuring connections at Wetherspoons, Caffe Nero, Pizza Express, Pret A Manger and Marks & Spencer, you can pop in and grab yourself a treat as well as some Wi-Fi action.

Rapid connection


Not only will Phones 4u Wi-Fi save you money on your mobile data, but it’ll also ramp up your browsing speeds. With a connection far faster than your average 3G link-up, you’ll be able to conduct all of your mobile business in a secure, super-speed fashion.

Get the app


Once you’ve bought your phone, make your first download the Phones 4u Wi-Fi app. It’ll do all the work for you, auto-connecting to 4u Wi-Fi wherever it is available. The app will also list the nearest hotspots type of venue and display a map showing you how to get there, whether you have an internet connection or not.